16 Tools to Help Us Compete As a Small Team

TeamGantt aims to achieve big things while keeping a small, but productive, team. This is no easy task considering that we are 100% funded by our customers.
Finding points of leverage is the key to getting more done in a small team. Using the right software tools can help you do this.
We thought we’d share some of our favorites that help our team do more in less time. These 16 tools are what we use every day to work smarter. They are broken down by team.
Product & design
Our product and design team is small and efficient. TeamGantt cofounder Nathan and Brandon, the designer, interact with other teams within the company and use these apps for product and design tasks.
InVision & Sketch
We use Sketch to prototyping, and InVision to keep our designs organized and centralize communications.
Brandon Tully, TeamGantt’s creative director. “InVision is a great product because I can sync designs with just a click from Sketch. Brandon explains that I can create projects and add screens to them, and then prototype within Sketch and sync it all with InVision. “Recently we’ve been tying into our Components Library with DSM.
He adds that “We don’t use the collaboration features nearly as much as we used too, but that’s because our product reached new levels and we’ve started using TeamGantt for that.”
Webflow is our preferred tool for hosting and updating the company website. This allows us to free up resources to develop new products.
Webflow makes it easy for anyone to make CSS/HTML changes using a visual interface. This allows our designer create designs quickly without the need to hire a developer.
Product teams must conduct user research. We love keeping in touch with our customers. Lookback.io is used to conduct user research with real users within our app, not random users recruited for user research.
Marketing and video
Our marketing tools make it simple to send emails and publish content without having to tie up development resources. We are always looking for integrations that allow us to streamline data across platforms so that we can create personalized experiences.
Webflow CMS
Hubspot is our tool for managing all of our email marketing automation. It allows you to create beautiful emails and send them via advanced workflows that are based on Segment events and attributes (more information below).
Webflow CMS
Webflow is also used by our marketing team to publish content to the site. We produce a lot of content and resources for free, including blog posts. All of this content is managed and updated using the Webflow CMS.
Wistia & Frame.io
Wistia is our preferred host for all video because we do so many. Wistia’s API allows us to create complex personalized videos like the welcome video in our app.
Frame.io, an Adobe Premiere addon, is used by our video team to simplify the video review and revision process. Frame.io allows us share video sequences with non-Premiere user who can make notes in the video timelines. We also storyboard and create shortlists which we then export for feedback to the rest of our team.
Segment & Amplitude
Segment is used to collect all user data and send it out to tools like Amplitude or Google Analytics. We can centralize our user events so that we only need to add or modify the events once for all the tools that gather the same data.
Software development
Our dev team is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, focus, and productivity so that TeamGantt can continue to be the best it can. These tools allow us to save time and focus on the important things.
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Copy’em Paste
Our development team use