5 Charitable Things You Can Do to Help the Coronavirus Crisis

COVID-19 has moved from an epidemic to a pandemic status. It is now essential to take precautionary measures to limit the spread of the virus. We must now find ways to support one another from afar and help those in crisis using digital tools. Local businesses are adopting ‘grab-and-go’ strategies, while more corporate companies are using video conferencing software such as Webex. FaceTime and Skype are used to keep families connected outside of work.
We live in a digital age, and society can for the most part continue as before. Despite this, we must still do our part to stop the spread of the virus and protect those who have compromised immune systems such as our elders and those with pre-existing medical conditions. We know that you want to help and have compiled a list with 5 charitable acts we can all do during the coronavirus crisis.

Social isolation does not necessarily mean social disconnection. Your loved ones and family still want to hear from your, and society still requires your support to function. Even in the face of a pandemic, life continues to move forward. Keep calm, wash your hands and keep in touch with your loved ones.

We will get through it.

-The IE Family