6 Ways to Get Taken Seriously at Your Workplace

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1.Watch out for unprofessional behavior
2. Always act in a responsible manner
3.Look at the part
4. Pay attention to what you say…and how you say it
5. Don’t worry about what other people think
6. Networking – in a work-related manner
Do not be fooled by the imposter syndrome

Sometimes it feels like you’re not being taken seriously at work if you’re the youngest or minority person in the room.
People worry about not being a serious player at work. This is something I hear a lot. Young women seem to be the most affected – at least that’s what I am most aware of – but it seems like it hits everyone at some point.
You can work at getting taken seriously in the office. It can be difficult to project a sense of gravitas, especially when you are dealing with senior colleagues. But you can work on your ability to make people take you seriously.
Here are 6 tips from experts to consider.
1.Watch out for unprofessional behavior
Vlad Zachary, CEO at CareerConceptZ.com, says, “Identify negative, nonprofessional behaviors towards yourself and call them for it.” “Many male bosses and colleagues are unaware of these issues and would be willing and able to make changes.”
It is worth pointing this out to them if you are aware of their unprofessional behavior and how it is affecting your productivity.
Zachary suggests that you learn about ritual conflict, which is often the most intimidating part of male interactions in the workplace. He suggests that you “seek out ways to adapt or even use this type interaction to your advantage.”
My view is that if you call out a behavior but don’t get a positive response, it might be time for workplace changes.
This guide will show you how to give management feedback if you need to provide feedback on someone’s performance or behavior.
2. Always act in a responsible manner
Do not force others to offer grace at work dinners. If you are unable to answer the phone, don’t answer it. You shouldn’t fill your desk with unsuitable items.
These and many other tips on how to be taken seriously at work are from Ann Marie Sabath’s book Business Etiquette 101: 101 Ways To Conduct Business With Charm And Savvy.
She says, “Maintain confidentiality.” Treat your electronic correspondence with the same respect as any business letter or memo. If you are not given permission by the original sender, do not share or forward e-mails.
This will make it easy to build great relationships with your colleagues.
3.Look at the part
It is important to be able to adapt to the situation. If you show up to a meeting wearing a tracksuit, no one will take you seriously, unless you are a coach in sports.
Debra Benton, executive coach and author of How to Think Like a Chief Executive Officer, says that young women should slow down their walking and talking.
She also recommends that you keep your head level and not tilted to one direction (which I struggle with) and that you don’t bobble along. It’s not just about body language, but also how you dress.
She says that women should dress to the same level as their reports, but not make their clothes more interesting than they are.
Pay attention to how women at the top of your hierarchy dress and learn from them.
After all that, Kat Griffin, the founder of Corporette, was interviewed by Business Insider. She said that this advice is outdated. I think she may have a point.
Take a look at what others are wearing, and then use your professional judgment and common sense to determine if that’s something you can replicate.
This video is about the power and importance of body language. It doesn’t just impact how others view you, but it also impacts how you see yourself.
4. Pay attention to what you say…and how you say it