7 Best Mind Mapping Softwares Free of Charge

Mind mapping software allows you to visualize ideas and outline creative processes.
Mind mapping is a well-known method to organize and capture ideas. It’s a tool that managers use and marketers rely on. Mind mapping software is now easily accessible and people are realizing the power of mind-mapping to organize multiple ideas in one location.
Mind mapping tools make it easier to organize and note down ideas. They also make it easier for you to retain and recall more information. However, not all businesses can afford to invest in mind mapping solutions. You can get a mind mapping tool for free that will do the job without affecting your finances.
This article lists the top seven free mind mapping software options (sorted alphabetically based on user ratings, reviews, and other reviews). (Learn how we chose these products.
Capterra’s software directory contains a complete list of the best mind mapping programs.
Cacoo is a communication software solution that facilitates mind mapping and mind-sharing. It helps you visualize ideas using flowcharts and Venn diagrams. It allows for real-time collaboration between teams on project ideas.
You can create, edit, and then share mind maps with your colleagues. It has a variety of templates that can be used to create wireframes, wireframes and client presentations. You can chat and share ideas with your teammates using the in-app video and chat features.
Cacoo allows you to import images and screenshots from any system. This makes it easy to create mind maps. The mind maps can be exported in SVG, PNG and PDF formats. You can share assets by sharing links that your team members have access to.
Cacoo is a web-based service that offers chat, email, and phone support.
*Analysis correct as of December 20212Creately offers pre-built templates to visualize designs
Creately is a diagramming tool and mind-map tool that converts ideas into visual flowcharts. It also facilitates real-time collaboration between teams.
There are many shapes available to create mind maps and diagrams using the software. The glue-point feature allows you to connect multiple shapes types to show relationship or dependency. Creately offers many themes that you can use to create mind maps.
Your teammates and you can both work simultaneously on the same document. You can add comments and highlight visuals. You can create site maps, wireframes, and SWOT charts for websites. You can also share your mind maps with clients and team members, and export them for offline storage.
Creately offers chat, email, and phone support. It is web-based with a desktop app for iOS and Windows.
*Analysis as of December 20213Lucidspark – Helps create storyboards
Lucidspark allows teams to share their ideas and visualize them on a virtual whiteboard. It allows remote and on-site teams to brainstorm and collaborate on new projects.
It allows you to store your ideas digitally. It has sticky notes for jotting down ideas and an annotation tool that allows you to draw freehand or make diagrams. It has a chatbox and a collaborative work dashboard that allow users to quickly exchange ideas and information.
You can create multiple scenarios using the tool’s storyboard. Pin them for your colleagues to see and make comments. You can also group related ideas and storyboards together to create presentation decks for client meetings.
Lucidspark provides email, chat, as well as phone support. It is web-based with an iOS mobile app.
*Analysis correct as of December 20214MindMeister provides Agile project dashboards
MindMeister allows for team collaboration and project planning. It allows you to share mind maps with your colleagues and allow you to edit them in real-time.
MindMeister has a built-in presentation mode which turns your mindmaps into slideshows for you to presenti.