7 Best PowerPoint Alternatives for Your Business

Seven PowerPoint alternatives are available for free to help you design engaging presentations.
When you think about presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is the most likely choice. PowerPoint, a long-standing industry standard, is an easy-to use interface that allows you to create powerful presentations for business meetings and sales pitches.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely-used tool but may not be the most accessible, especially if it’s free. PowerPoint is part the Microsoft Office suite. You must purchase the suite to access it. Small businesses, especially those in sales and marketing, need software that allows them to create powerful presentation slides without spending a lot of money. Free PowerPoint alternatives are available to help.
We asked users what PowerPoint alternatives they considered when searching for presentation software for their company. These are the seven best PowerPoint alternatives that users identified (alphabetically).
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Apache OpenOffice is an open source software suite that allows you to create multimedia slides using a presentation tool.
You can add special effects (such a slide transitions) and clip art to your presentations using the presentation software. It comes with a template library that allows you to create slides using a variety of templates.
Multi-monitor support allows you to show additional material while still presenting your main slides. A drawing and diagramming toolkit is available to help you create custom shapes for your presentations.
Apache OpenOffice provides chat and email support. It offers a desktop application that can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Here’s how Apache OpenOffice compares with PowerPoint
Both PowerPoint and Apache OpenOffice offer multiple slide views, including the outline view and the presenter view. Apache, however, allows you to quickly access all views from the main window. PowerPoint does not. Apache OpenOffice offers a more user-friendly interface and hotkeys to make it easy to access any information you need quickly.
Platforms supported: Both PowerPoint® and Apache OpenOffice® are available as desktop apps for Windows and Mac. Linux users can also access Apache OpenOffice.
Customers who are typical: Both tools can be used by freelancers as well as small businesses. Large enterprises can also use PowerPoint.
Support for customers: Both tools provide chat and email support.
Pricing: Apache OpenOffice is free and open source, while a subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal Suite (which includes PowerPoint) starts at $6.99 per month.
Canva is a presentation and design app that allows you to create infographics and banners as well as full-fledged slides for client and team meetings.
You can use the software’s library of presentation templates to add pre-built logos, videos, and graphics to your presentations. Canva allows you to collaborate with your colleagues by sharing access the content dashboard.
You can add animations to your slides, change the color scheme, or remove the background from images with the background remover tool. You can also use the version History to go back to a previous design, instead of making all changes.
Canva offers chat support and email support. It is web-based, and has apps for desktop and mobile (iOS or Android).
Here’s how Canva compares with PowerPoint
Canva has a wider range of pre-built templates than PowerPoint. It is also easier to use for first-time users. It integrates with third party social media platforms, making sharing graphics and presentations to an audience easy.
Platforms supported: Both tools can be downloaded as desktop apps. Canva offers a web-based version as well as a mobile app for Android or iOS.
Customers typical: Both tools can be used by freela