Adobe Programs – Which one should you use?

Adobe Products and Programs… Which one should you use?

There are many great Adobe Products available, but it is up to you to decide which one to use for your project. Maybe InDesign is better? Or Photoshop? Or Illustrator? Or something else? There are many overlaps between the things they can each do.
Sharon, an Adobe Instructor certified by Adobe, has created this helpful guide to help you choose the best Adobe program for your job.
InDesign: Create your flyers, magazines and books using InDesign
It’s great for:
Multi-page Brochures / Flyers
Editorial Design
Book Design
Annual Reports
Forms (Coupled With Acrobat)
Not best for:
Logo Designing
Remove Background Images
Adjusting Images
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Photoshop: Create your own photo-real and digital images
It’s great for:
Photo Correction/Photo Enhancement/Background Removal
Single Sided Flyers / Posters / Ads
Mock-ups of Web and Mobile UI Design
Product Mock-ups
Mood Boards
Images based on Raster (Pixel).
Not best for:
Multi-page Brochures and Reports
High-level Video Editing (it can do basic editing, but it is best to look into After Effects or Premiere Pro).
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Illustrator: Create your logo, illustrations and flyers
It’s great for:
Logos, logotypes, and monograms
Flyers/Posters/Flyers with single or two-sided design
Web and Mobile UI Design (Icons/Layouts).
Illustrations and Vector Art
Not best for:
Multi-page Brochures and Reports
Remove Backgrounds from Images
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Acrobat DC and Acrobat Pro: Editing PDFs, Managing Forms
It’s great for:
Editing PDFs
Secure PDFs
How to Manage Forms
Sending and collecting responses
Digital Signatures: Applying and Collecting
Not best for:
Designing Flyers, Posters, or Graphics
Designing Forms – Design work can be done using InDesign or another Page Layout Software.
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