Are the Certification Exams of Network Engineers Difficult?

Are the certification exams of network engineers difficult? There are so many people who want to become a network engineer, but not everyone can make it. Even if you become a network engineer, it is not easy to become outstanding in the industry. Let’s go back to the original question. In fact there is no absolute answer. The difficulty of the exams are affected by factors, such as the level of the network engineer certification you are applying for, your personal knowledge reserve, learning ability and so on.

The difficulty of different network engineer exams varies. There are many exams related to network engineers, such as the computer technology and software specialized qualifications test that many people have heard of. In some universities, students majored in computer technology will be asked to take the test. The computer technology and software specialized qualifications test is actually the launched by the government and its cost is relatively cheap. The difficulty of the exam is reasonable. Passing this exam will be helpful to enter public institutions or evaluate professional titles in the future.

In addition to the national test, there are also some certification systems issued by large manufacturers, including Huawei certification system and Cisco certification system. The two certification systems are very similar. From basic level to senior level and expert level, Huawei certification system composes of HCIA, HCIP and HCIE certification while Cisco certification system is made up of CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certification, with ascending difficulty. The certifications launched by these manufacturers are more difficult and receive more recognition in the IT industry. Therefore, if you want to become a network engineer and find a better job, you are recommended to take the manufacturer certification exams. However, it is worth mentioning that the manufacturer certifications are of a commercial nature, so the cost of signing up for the exams will be relatively high.

HCIE certification and CCIE certification are the two certifications with the highest value and the greatest difficulty. HCIE certification includes a written exam, an experimental exam and an interview. And CCIE certification exams include a written exam and a 8-hour lab exam. If you can manage to obtain the HCIE certificate or the CCIE certificate, it will be very helpful for you to find a job.

So are the certification exams of network engineers difficult? If you choose to apply for Huawei HCIE certification or Cisco CCIE certification, it will be of greater difficulty.

Besides, personal factors will also have influence in the difficulty of network engineer exams. If you have already established a knowledge reserve related to network engineer certifications, it will be easier for you to learn for the exams. To take part in Cisco certification, you can save a lot of time in your preparation through cultivating better English ability. Although the requirements for English ability will not be strict, if your English ability is not so good, you will have to spend some time remembering relevant vocabulary.

If you have already had some practical experience, the difficulty of the network engineer exams will be relatively low. That’s because the certifications launched by the manufacturer may have lab exams. Of course, personal learning ability is also very important. If you feel comfortable accepting new things, the learning process will not be too hard, and you may feel that the exam is not difficult. Another point is the ability to express and communicate, which is also very important for candidates of HCIE certification who needs to pass the interview.

Are the certification exams of network engineers difficult? Generally speaking, the difficulty varies in terms of different exams and different individuals. However, it may be much less difficult to pass the exam after taking part in Cisco certification training if you want to take the manufacturer certification.