AWS Mobile Hub Enhances Serverless Approach

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has enhanced its Mobile Hub functionality to allow developers to create serverless apps using its Lambda service or the Amazon API Gateway.
The AWS Mobile Hub allows coders to create and test mobile apps back-end services, such as user authentication and data storage, business logic and push notifications, content delivery, analytics, and user authentication.
AWS provided earlier guidance on creating a serverless platform to power mobile app backends. AWS Lambda leveraged business logic and exposed the relevant APIs via Amazon API Gateway.
AWS stated in a blog last week that this pattern allows you to create and test mobile cloud apps backed by business logic functions. All without having to manage servers or pay for unused capacity. You can also share your business logic between your iOS and Android apps.
“Today, AWS Mobile Hub announces a new Cloud Logic feature that makes mobile app developers’ lives easier. This allows them to integrate their mobile apps with cloud APIs and connect the business logic functions with a variety of AWS services and on-premise enterprise resources.”
Cloud Logic offers developers the ability to code their own APIs to support business logic, in addition to existing functionality.
AWS announced that they have improved the Cloud Logic feature… and can now spin up a serverless cluster. This allows you to test and create mobile cloud APIs that are connected to the business logic functions you develop. Mobile Hub was previously used to integrate Lambda functions into your mobile app. Cloud Logic now allows you to create Lambda functions and API Gateway endpoints from your mobile app.
“The feature automatically applies access controls to the resulting APIs in API Gateway. This makes it easy to restrict access to users who have authenticated using any of the user sign in capabilities in Mobile Hub. Mobile Hub allows you to test your APIs in your project and to set the permissions your Lambda function requires to connect to software resources behind VPCs (e.g. business applications or databases), within AWS, or on-premises. You can also integrate your mobile app to your cloud APIs using either a quickstart app (for example) or the mobile application SDK. Both are custom-generated to match your APIs.
The post continues to show how to use Mobile Hub for creating a serverless backend for mobile apps. It also demonstrates how to take advantage of the new eMail and password-based app signing-in functionality and SAML based app sign in.
AWS stated that Mobile Hub took only a few steps to create a sample app and configure IAM roles and sign in providers so developers can concentrate their time on creating unique app value.