Biggest Mistakes in Reporting on Digital Marketing Project Results to Clients

Reporting is a very effective strategy that fosters a positive working environment and cordial relationship between clients, digital marketing services and clients.
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You might have spent a lot of time trying to create a digital marketing service that is well-designed for your client. You might have contributed significantly to helping them achieve their goals. You may have come up with some brilliant ideas during the process that you think will be of great benefit to you and your potential clients.
You might not want to get too carried away by the satisfaction of providing excellent service to yourclient and then make mistakes in reporting.
Digital marketing reporting errors can cause problems with your client relationship.
These pitfalls can have serious consequences for digital marketers who fail to report to clients.
Create a Client Report
A client report can be a way to explain what you are doing for your client, and why. Digital marketing can require a lot of work. The report will help you explain it. You may also use it to promote your skills. You must avoid these mistakes when doing all of these things:
1. Selective Results
In an effort to impress their clients, some digital marketers may choose to focus only on certain parts of the marketing strategy. Digital marketers face many challenges and constraints in digital marketing. Don’t just tell how easy and smooth it was. Clients may need to see the whole picture, not just the good parts.
2. Marketing offline is not enough
Digital marketers tend to be so focused on online marketing that they overlook the many untapped resources in the offline market. Your client might get high traffic from offline marketing that is not connected to the online market.
You may want to think about the different online marketing strategies that you can use to help drive traffic to your client’s website as a digital marketer. This information may also be helpful to include in your report.
Your client will appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond to ensure they have a complete package that sells.
3. Failure to spot discrepancies
You may have used AdWords, CMS, and other platforms in the course of your digital marketing strategy. Cross-referencing is essential to identify discrepancies. You must be able to identify discrepancies and correct them so that your data is uniform across all platforms.
4. Excluding visuals
While it is understandable that digital marketers deal with numbers, it is equally important to include visuals. People are more likely to be moved by visuals than numbers. Visuals are more memorable than numbers. Your report may contain visual content.
Visual displays can be used to present your data. You don’t have to submit an Excel spreadsheet without visuals. Visuals in reports can help prevent clients from becoming bored while reading them. This adds professionalism to your report.
5. Search results not being separated by brand and unbranded
Because they produce different results, you need to distinguish branded search from unbranded search. To avoid any mix-ups in your results, you must clearly identify your primary target. Ref. Branded search