Book review: Accidental project manger (Ray Frohnhoefer (2018)

The Accidental Project manager: Zero to Hero in 7 days, Kindle Edition is a story about Rhett, who is the hero in finding a project manager to work with important clients. Rhett is introduced by a project management consultant. He then introduces him the PROJECT methodology to him and spends seven days preparing. The book is told in a business tale format, to help project managers succeed. It is aimed at new and inexperienced project managers as well as those who are interested in project management careers or beginning project management students.
Book Details
The book is available in paperback or Kindle and has 127 pages. It weighs 7.8 ounces and measures 5.5 x 0.3 x 8.5 inch. It was published in English by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on July 3, 2018. Its ISBN 10 number and 13 numbers are 171879293X, 978-1718792937 respectively.
The Kindle version costs $1, while the paperback costs $14.07.
Target Audience
The Accidental Project manager: Zero to Heroin 7 Days is suitable especially for beginning project managers or those who are interested in learning more about project management. Because everyday concepts are presented in the form a business tale, this book will be a great resource for aspiring project managers.
What customers have to say
One reader stated that the book successfully integrated valuable learning materials into an easy to read, Aostory type’ narrative. He said that the book did not use jargon and instead provided good guiding principles that can be used by an ‘Aoaccidental manager’. Another reader recommends the book to both project managers as well as functional managers who are sometimes assigned to be project managers. The book’s style is very readable and the content is very relatable. Another reader said that the book covers nearly all of the skills required for project management and helps inexperienced project managers succeed with their projects.
Style, Content, and Approach
Content. The Accidental Project Manager: Zero To Hero in 7 Days explains how to become a project manager. Instead of being divided into chapters, the book will be divided into seven days, with the exception of the introduction and epilogue. Each day corresponds to a skill a project manager must master in order to be effective. Day 1 is entitled Powered By the People, Day 2 and Day 3 are Dig for Requirements and Organize Objectives. Day 4 is Jell With the Team, Day 2 is Dig for Requirements, Day 3 is Organize Objectives, Day 4 is Execute Effortlessly and Day 6 is Control Casually. Day 7 is Transfer. Each chapter includes a tip for project managing and additional reading resources.
Tone. To illustrate his point, the author used a story-type narrative to illustrate his point. To illustrate his point, he uses fictional characters such as Rhett Sero in each chapter.
Style. Style. The author did not use jargon in his story, but he cleverly integrated everyday terms and concepts. This book is a great resource for project managers who want better job performance and anyone who wants to learn about the challenges of being a project manager.
Why buy the book?
The book is an excellent resource for project managers who want to be successful. It is written in a way that makes learning easier, especially with the fictional story that is used as an illustration of the author’s points. It is easy to understand and does not use jargons. This book is a great way to learn how to become a successful project manager in no matter what stage of your career.
Ray Frohnhoefer is an author, speaker and educator. He is also a progr