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To secure your future, you will need to be certified as CIS-Event Management if you are looking for a job on a competitive job market. The event industry is constantly changing. You must be constantly updated and monitored for new and improved processes, software, and technology. Are you looking for a quick overview of the exam? Our ultimate cheat sheet will help you revise the exam quickly. This cheat sheet will give you a quick overview of all the resources needed to pass the exam. It will also help you get on the right path to passing this exam. Let’s take a look at the details of the exam before we get to the rest.
What is CIS-Event Management certification?
ServiceNow offers the CIS Event Management Certification exam. This is a top-class certification exam. It was created exclusively by Servicenow’s advanced certification experts. It covers all aspects related to event management and offers a comprehensive syllabus.
This exam certifies that your skills and knowledge are sufficient to assist in the configuration, administration and implementation of the Event Management application within ServiceNow.
Target Audience
ServiceNow employees, customers, partners, and other interested parties can take the Event Management exam. This CIS Event Management Servicenow exam primarily targets –
First, Service Now Developers
ServiceNow ITOM specialist
ServiceNow Administrator is also available
Prerequisites for the CIS Event Management exam
These courses are required for the exam:
First, Event Management Fundamentals.
Operational Intelligence, which is self-paced eLearning, follows.
After completing the above-mentioned training courses, you will receive a voucher code that allows you to register for the CIS-Event Management exam.
Cheat Sheet fot CIS-Event Management
This cheat sheet will give you a clear understanding of the CIS-Event Management exam. Preparing for the exam requires that you fully understand and use all the resources.
Deeply analyze the Exam Objectives
First, ensure that you have the latest Course Outline. The Course Outline is the most important part of the exam. This is the exam syllabus and CIS Event Management blueprint. This domain list is the source of all CIS Event Management Questions. You should therefore carefully review the exam objectives and plan your study. These are the domains that will be covered in the exam:
Topic 1: Event Management Overview
IT Operations Management (ITOM), solution (ServiceNow Documentation :IT Operations Management).
Define customer challenges (ServiceNow Documentation:Customer Service Management)
Key features and capabilities of Event Management (ServiceNow Documentation :Event Management).
Graphical user interfaces (operator workspace, an alert intelligence, dependency maps) (ServiceNow Documentation:Workspace,Now Platform user interface,Alert intelligence,Dependency Views map)
Common Service Data Model (business and application services) (ServiceNow documentation:Common Service Data Model).
Topic 2: Architecture and Discovery
Discovery and MID server architecture (ServiceNow Documentation:Introducing the MID Server,Discovery)
Event Management architecture and CMDB (ServiceNow Documentation:Configuration Management and the CMDB)
The monitoring process (ServiceNow Documentation:Monitor service health)
Install a MID Server (ServiceNow Documentation – Installation of MID Server)
Topic 3: Event Configuration & Use
Event setup (event processing (event rules, event filter and event thresholds), (ServiceNow Documentation :Event rules,Filter events to which an event rule applies, Operator Workspace service monitor, ServiceNow Documentation :Event rules,Filter, Event thresholds, operator workspace).
Event Management process flow (event tableau)