Comodo targets the last 1% cyber threats, putting South Africa’s firms at risk

Pinnacle’s cyber security division has partnered up with Comodo Cybersecurity in order to offer managed service providers a solution that prevents unknown cyber threats from putting organizations at risk.
Joseph Jaghab, Head, Partnerships at Comodo Cybersecurity, announced the new opportunity for South African MSPs in a webinar that was held in partnership with ITWeb. He stated: “You will not prevent 100% of malware entering your network.”
He stated that traditional security methods can detect 99 percent of malware, but that there is still a 1% gap. There are thousands of undetected malware pieces daily.
Jaghab stated that Comodo prevented unknowns entering the native environment but allowed them access to an auto-containment vault, which is a replicable space within the kernel. “Unlike a sandbox this is extremely lightweight, robust, and comparable to a full VM. The process is fully automated and the end-user can safely access any unknown files, so productivity isn’t affected.
He said that the auto-containment is integrated with Valkyrie (Comodo’s threat intelligence) to perform a dynamic analysis. “Ninety five percent of the times, we determine if a particular file is good or not in less than 45 seconds. Our SOC team can assist Valkyrie if she is unable to make a decision in that time frame. They will reverse engineer the file in less than four hours.
Dr Erdal Ozkaya is Comodo Cybersecurity’s Chief Information Officer. He stated that cyber security has changed and that cyber risk has increased over the past year. This makes it even more critical for organisations to address the 1% gap caused by unknown threats. He said that the world has changed and is now different than it was two years ago because of COVID-19. “The way that we live, communicate, and work has changed – and even how we get hacked.
Everyone thinks they have the best cyber security solutions. But they don’t know what is really happening in cyber security. Every day is a new day with a hacker. There are two types of organisations now: those that know they’ve been hacked and those that don’t. There will be two types of organisations in the future: those who take the right steps to secure their data and those who make it into mainstream media.
Comodo Cybersecurity is a local MSP opportunity that makes it easy to manage and onboard security customers. It includes Auto Containment and Dragon Enterprise Platform – the only active breach protection in the world that renders malware and ransomware useless – and the Comodo SOCaaP managed service for threat detection and response backed up by Comodo’s security operations centre and security information management.
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Comodo Cybersecurity joins as CISO
Comodo’s innovative cybersecurity platform renders cyberattacks impossible across all platforms, including the web, LAN and cloud.
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