Erdal KEMP Technology Australia 2013 Congratulations

Congratulations Erdal from KEMP Technologies web site
We love working with the most intelligent people at KEMP. Erdal Ozkaya is one of them. To emphasize it all, he was re-awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Windows Expert IT Pro.
We would like to express our sincere congratulations to Erdal for receiving this award for the 3rd year in succession. It’s a pleasure for KEMP to have such leaders in their fields.
You can find out more about Erdal’s achievements by visiting his about page.
Follow Erdal on Twitter here: @Erdal_Ozkaya
Erdals announcement on his Blog:
Re: Erdal Ozkaya – Most Valuable Professional, Windows Expert – IT ProTo whom it may be addressed,
We are proud to announce that Erdal Ozkaya was named a Microsoft(r), Most Valuable Professional (MVP), for the period 4/1/2013 – 4.1/2014. The Microsoft MVP Award is an annual award that recognizesexceptional technology community leaders worldwide who actively share their high quality, real world expertisewith users and Microsoft. Microsoft recognizes Erdal’s outstanding contributions and wants to share this appreciation with you.
Microsoft MVPs are a small group of experts with less than 5,000 worldwide. MVPs share a deep commitment and willingness to help others. They reflect the diversity of today’s technical communities. MVPs can be found in more than 90 countries and span over 30 languages. They also have access to over 90 Microsoft technologies. MVPs share a passion and willingness to help others and a commitment towards community.
These are the qualities that make MVPs outstanding community leaders. MVPs’ efforts improve people’s lives and contribute greatly to the success of our industry. They help people solve problems and discover new possibilities every day by sharing their knowledge and experience and offering objective feedback. We are proud to have Erdal as one our MVPs.
MVPs from all over the world can meet Microsoftexecutives to recognize their contributions, network with peers and position themselves as leaders in the technical community. This is done through speaking engagements, customer event participation, and technical content development.
As a recipient of this year’s Microsoft MVP award, Erdal joins an exceptional group of individuals from around the world who have demonstrated a willingness to reach out, share their technical expertise with others and helpindividuals maximize their use of technology.Sincerely,Rich Kaplan Corporate Vice President Customer and Partner AdvocacyMicrosoft Corporation

Who are the MVP’s?
Microsoft MVPs are technology experts who share their knowledge with the community. They are always at the “bleeding edge” of technology and have an unstoppable desire to discover new, exciting technologies. They are experts in Microsoft products and services and can combine different platforms, products, and solutions to solve real-world problems. Over 4,000 MVPs are community leaders and technical experts in over 90 countries/regions. They are driven by their passion for community spirit and a thirst for knowledge. MVPs are not only skilled in technical areas, but they also have the ability to help others. That’s what makes them unique.
What is the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award Award?
The Microsoft MVP Award has been our winning tool for more than 20 years.