Exclusive Interview Tips from an Amazon Cybersecurity Solutions Architect

Anthony Nguyen, a Security Solutions Architect at Amazon, spoke with Sam Stuber from the NexGenT Career Services team about his career in IT and cybersecurity. At the end of the interview, students had the chance to ask him success questions.
While the exclusive hour-long interview for NexGenT students was packed with helpful tips where Anthony shares about his own experience, this condensed highlight real offers a plethora of brilliant job searching tips.
In this insightful interview, Anthony shares the following things:
Triumphant steps Anthony took to get where he is at AmazonHow failures can be opportunitiesBots vs. people reviewing resumes and how to optimize for IT and cybersecurityThe IT hiring process, both technical and non-technical, and what you should know to prepare yourselfSample interview questionsWhat to do when you don’t know the answer to an interview questionWhat hiring managers are looking for, including the T shape career development modelInterested in starting a cybersecurity career of your own? Click here to get trained in 6 months.Additionally, here are some of the amazing resources that Anthony mentions and references:
How to Interview at Amazon: While this guide is specifically written by Amazon, for Amazon job seekers, it’s extremely applicable for any job you are preparing for. Included are sections on behavioral-based interviewing, the STAR answer format, tips for great interview answers https://www.amazon.jobs/en/landing_pages/in-person-interview101 Cybersecurity Slides: While Anthony took the time to share exclusive knowledge with NexGenT students, he has also mentored students in the past at places like UC Irvine. He shared with us the slides he uses to help students understand the different paths into IT and cybersecurity. Link to InfoSec 101: How to be a Cybersecurity Expert Slides HereCoding Interviews & Challenges: Use websites like Leet Code to help you enhance your skills and prepare for technical IT interviews.
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