Five Reasons Now is a Great Time To Train

Unless you have been rafting in Grand Canyon for over a month, chances are you have been inundated by news about COVID-19. Also known as coronavirus. Many of us are in social isolation and staying at home from school, work, and leisure activities, regardless of whether we want to.
It’s easy to be focused on the negatives, but it’s important that we also recognize the opportunities presented by this situation. IT professionals may find this a great time to get online and study for their next IT certification.
1. You may have more down time
California has already implemented a stay at home mandate for all residents. Other states may soon follow California’s lead. Depending on the progress of the covid-19 pandemic, most people can expect that they will be staying at home until April. This would give you nearly a month and a half to actually commit to training.
This is enough time to prepare for almost any certification. Many online training courses, such as those offered by SPOTO can be completed within 24 hours or less. This makes it easy to spread them over the next four weeks. You can study for only a few hours per day, which allows you to have plenty of time and gives you the mental and emotional boost that comes from feeling accomplished.
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Start training It’s not a problem for the first few days. It can become annoying after that and can be very detrimental to your mental health. This is a extreme example, but think Jack Torrance from The Shining.
Most people need to follow a study plan in order to earn an IT certification. They help you stay on track and keep you focused. They also break down training into manageable chunks. This allows you to create a schedule and a routine that will help you get through chaotic times like these. Here’s how to create your own study plan.
2. You Can Train Remotely
Although most schools, colleges, universities and colleges in the United States are currently closed, you can still apply for an IT certification online. You don’t need to be afraid of a potentially fatal virus, an annoying neighbor, or the government telling you lies.
While study guides and textbooks have their benefits, a holistic approach to education can be beneficial for learners. Learning is more effective when there are multiple media formats.
Online video training such as SPOTO appeals to both our auditory and visual senses. It can be comforting to hear other people speak, which can be a nice break from the people you might be hunkered down.
This time can be used to leverage social media and create study groups. SPOTO Learner Community allows professionals with similar interests to connect via Slack. This allows them to ask questions, receive career advice, and even join instructor-led study groups.
Even though you may be training online or remotely, certification can be a valuable social outlet if it is used correctly.
3. Certificates make you more employable
One of the most frightening aspects of coronavirus is its ability to affect (and already is affecting!) the economy. Colorado saw nearly 11,000 unemployment claims filed in two days, compared with 400 the week before. This was a small drop in the bucket when compared to Pennsylvania which received 120,000 applications for unemployment benefits within 48 hours. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin caused quite the stir when he warned that unless there was drastic action, national unemployment rates could jump from 3.5 percent up to a staggering 20 percent.
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