How to Earn ISC2 CPE Credits

ISC2 is a highly regarded cyber security and IT security organization. ISC2 offers a variety of IT security and cyber security certifications for professionals. Although it is difficult to obtain an ISC2 certificate, it is possible. It is important to be familiar with the ISC2 CPE requirements as well as how to keep your ISC2 certification. If you have ISC2 certification as CISSP, you must comply with the requirements to earn credits to renew your certification. We have provided information on the ISC2 CPE rules as well as how to renew CISSP certification. This is the most prestigious ISC2 certification.
Guidelines for ISC2 CPE
Before you get into the details about how to earn ISC2 CPE credit, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with ISC2 CPE guidelines. Also, how to renew an ISC2 certificate. There are some ISC2 recertification requirements once you have received an ISC2 certificate. The ISC2 CPE guidelines have three main points. These are:
Respect the ISC2 Code of Ethics
Earn ISC2 CPE (Continuing professional education) Credits
Annual ISC2 membership fees.
The first is about the common ethics and social responsibilities of being a cybersecurity and IT security professional. The ISC2 code has a detailed list of principles and a detailed list. If you search the internet, you can find the complete ISC2 code. The main purpose of the ISC2 code is to protect society and ensure trust and confidence. Aside from acting ethically, honestly, responsibly, and legally
You should be aware that if you violate the ISC2 code, the ethics committee could decide to cancel your active ISC2 certifications. You may also be unable to re-apply for ISC2 certifications in the future. This is why it is important to adhere to this code of ethics.
We will now discuss the two other points of ISC2 CPE Guidelines.
ISC2 Credits for CPE
After you have earned your ISC2 certification, it is mandatory to renew it every three years. ISC2 recommends that any cyber-security professional or IT security specialist must keep up to date with the changing world. Professionals must continue their education in order to do this.
Earning ISC2 CPE credit is subject to certain rules. CPE credits are classified by ISC2 into two groups.
Group A: Domain-Related Activities
Group B: Professional Development Knowledge Sharing

Let’s talk about these groups. Group A credits are for activities that fall within the domains of the credential. Group B credits can be earned for general professional development activities that enhance your professional skills, education, or competency beyond the specific domains of the respective certifications. These courses generally include professional development programs such as management or professional speaking courses. Each course will provide 20 CPE credit after completion. This bundle can be enrolled online to earn 60 CPE credit and then you can search for other sources to get the remaining 60 CPE credit.

ISC2 requires that a certified professional earn a certain number of CPE credits from each of these CPE credit groups. Each ISC2 certification requires a different number of CPE credits. The following table shows the CPE requirements for each ISC2 certification.

To renew your ISC2 certificate, you must earn ISC2 CPE credit based on these CPE requirements. Similar guidelines apply to ISACA CPE Requirements.
How to earn CPE credits
CPE credits can be earned in a variety of ways for ISC2 certification renewal. Below are the alternatives for earning CPE credits for group A and groupB.
Credits for Group A CPE include:
Reading a magazine, book, or whitepaper.
Publishing a book, whitepaper, or article.