How to prepare your team for Phishing Attacks with Coronavirus

Companies and employees are being forced to work remotely by the coronavirus pandemic. Scammers are looking to sell your data at a perfect time.
Hackers are opportunistic, and they pay close attention to urgent and relevant topics. We see seasonal and targeted phishing trends such as:
Social engineering is one of the most important reasons that hackers have the greatest opportunities to exploit large, global events like the COVID-19 pandemic.
What is Social Engineering?
This is a very common and effective method. When targeted individuals are tricked into giving their personal or confidential information for fraudulent purposes, this is known as social engineering. Social engineering is a method to trick a victim into clicking a link or opening an attachment that they wouldn’t normally do. This technique increases the urgency and causes people to click before they think.
Social engineering is a common tool used in phishing scams. It’s a simple trick that people fall for more often than they realize. Cybercriminals have a lot more options to steal information from employees these days, thanks to the widespread use of email and social media.
How to Combat Phishing Campaigns

Many of the phishing campaigns that are associated with COVID-19 relate to organization closures, accessing health care, and supply chain notifications. We recommend that organizations do the following.
Get Security Awareness Training for Your Team
Your employees shouldn’t give the opportunity to scammers. Instead, offer security awareness training to your employees. Remote work is now the most popular option for business continuity. Your greatest vulnerability and greatest asset in the fight against cyber threats is your people. But how can you get them to work with you on the front lines of defense for your company? Give your team the tools to increase their online security today and in the future. Contact IE’s security department today to learn how we can help protect your people, assets, secure data, meet compliance requirements, and more.

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