IE Celebrates 25 Years of People Connecting People

It’s hard for me to believe that Internetwork Engineering (IE) is celebrating 25 years in business. I was the first employee that Greg Rivers, our founder, hired in 1998. It has been a privilege to be part the IE family for the majority of those years. 25 years seem like yesterday and forever when you look at it through the lense of a rapidly evolving information technology industry.
I can recall back when networking standards were so new. TCP/IP and ethernet were not the standard. It all depended on the platform. My early engineering years were spent configuring networks using legacy protocols with limited bandwidth and backup circuits that were 56K dialup modems or ISDN circuits. Unfortunately, most of my hands-on knowledge is no longer relevant, but I enjoy telling stories about the good times to engineers who are willing to listen.
Over the past 25 years, IE has evolved froma core routing and switching company tonow offering a full suite ofsolutions andservicesaround networking, data center, collaboration, and cybersecurity.The one constant during thattransformationhas beenour dedication toprovidingoutstandingengineering servicesthathelp our customerssolve business needs.What’s also exciting these days is whether you are cloud centric, hybrid,or on prem, our portfolio of solutionscanexistwithin”Any Prem” depending on your consumption needs.
It would be remiss of me not to mention how Cisco has been an integral part of our 25-year history. Both companies have enjoyed mutual success through their partnership, loyalty, brand recognition, and in the respective regions we serve. Cisco has many people who have contributed to our success and growth over the years. Everyone at IE appreciates Cisco’s support and our extended ecosystem of partners that complement our solutions.
I could go on about technology but what sets us apart is our people and the best solutions.
25 years of success to the IE team. !
About Chuck Steiner
Chuck Steiner is IE’s President & CEO. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of consulting, including extensive Enterprise Architecture design and complex integration. He was the first employee to join IE in 1998. He has been instrumental in helping IE transform from a small consulting company to a network integration company with operations across multiple states and vertical markets.