Internetwork Engineering (IE), Dubber Partner to Harness Untapped Recording Data

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Dubber – the world’s most popular cloud-based call recording/capture platform!

Customers can expect this new partnership.

Enhance our Webex Calling offering as users will now be able to easily record and transcribe conversationsLeverage the sentiment function to organize their calls Securely access previously untapped voice data
Dubber’s offering, like IE is scaleable and can be adapted to any size business. They are Cisco Certified for all Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM), on-prem platforms
Dubber’s “Sentiment” function integrates AI into call recording. This function rates calls based on the tone and words used. To help with urgent requests, users will be able organize their call queue according to positive and negative sentiments.

Approved users have access to call recordings and sentiment data via the Dubber mobile app, web app, or API. (which can integrate into CRMs). Dubber is also compliant ready, which means it can securely support all regulated sectors.

Dubber claims that they are a disruptive innovator within the multi-billion dollar call recording industry. Dubber AI provides insights to improve business efficiency, customer experience, and all this via a Software as a Service model.

Marty Jefferson, IE’s Senior Technology Advisor for Collaboration, stated that “The partnership with Dubber” will expand our cloud options to record and transcribe. Dubber is a leader within the field of call transcription, transcription, and AI and we are proud that they have chosen to partner with us.”

About Dubber
Dubber is the leading global call recording and voice AI platform as an service (PaaS) and Cisco BroadCloud’s recording platform. Dubber is the next generation in call recording and analytics. Dubber is infinitely scalable and can be deployed in minutes. Our voice AI combined with an open API allows for endless integration and automation possibilities. Dubber’s headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia. There are other locations around the US and the UK.

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