Linux for Mortals: The Recap

Shawn Powers, a CBT Nuggets trainer and Linux guru, has created an excellent blog series about what else? Linux! Here’s a summary of all the posts he shared during this informative series. Enjoy!
Shawn shares how he got into Linux. Shawn explains how he first used the popular open-source operating software.
Linux and its Benefits – Why Linux can help in many situations and more!
Getting Started With Linux – Okay, you’re ready for the Linux world…now what?!
CBT Nuggets offers security training
Start trainingThe Pros & Cons – Linux is a great fit for many situations, but not all.
What I’ve learned so far – “The more that I learn about Linux and technology in general, the more I realize how little I know.” That’s okay.
How Linux has helped my career – There’s no denying that there is a lot of demand in Linux professionals for obvious reasons. But the other way it can help your career, and it’s even more amazing, is subtler.
The Next Steps – Are you interested in Linux now? Learn what you can do to make learning easier.
Closing Thoughts: Shawn shares his final thoughts on Linux and the importance learning different skills.
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