Oracle Offers Discounts on Java SE 8 OCP Cert. Register for 1Z1-809 Beta Exam!

The Java SE 8 Programmer II upgrade exam 1Z1-809 is now available in beta. This exam allows programmers to move from Oracle Certified Associate status up to Oracle Certified Professional. The beta stage of a new exam, as is the case with Oracle, is a great time to certify. You can move from OCA to OCP in just USD 50 if you are confident in your Java skills and ready to take on the exam. Visit to register today.
Java 8: What You Need To Know
Java 8, which was launched in March 2013, has quickly become the standard version of Oracle’s popular programming language. Java 8 is still widely used and widely deployed despite security vulnerabilities.
You have the opportunity to become an Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programer by passing Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-809) now. This certification exam introduces Java to its most recent version. This credential will confirm that you can use lambdas in your daily programming. This will reduce your development time and allow for greater flexibility in programming.
Oracle does not require candidates take formalized training before taking the 1Z1-809 exam. The company recommends that candidates complete the Java SE 8 Programming training course. This instructor-led training takes the knowledge you have gained from reading the materials and helps you apply the concepts in real-world situations. You still have the opportunity to prepare for the exam and become a Java SE 8 certified programmer if you learn all you need. You can always join our IT certification group to receive free Oracle exam preparation materials.
Java 8 programming jobs are more popular than ever, so it is worth upgrading your Oracle certification. This is a great opportunity, especially for $50!