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Our additional services Service Provider is NTCCheapStreet prepaid cardsIf you pick CheapStreet prepaid cards, you first have to be sure that it is the advantageous choice. To test it, view prices for calls from your country. Perhaps have yet beneficial rates by means of other prepaid cards.Customer RatingConnectivityVoice QualityBilling AccuracyCustomer ServiceOverallRate This CardWith the CheapStreet phone card you get very low domestic and international calling rates, Toll Free Access Numbers in the US, and Local Access Numbers in the US. You’ll save money with CheapStreet! Connection Fee – 20 cents (for calls over 1 min.) Maintenance Fee – 85c /week Rounding – 3 minutes Toll Free Access Numbers – Yes (USA) Local Access Numbers – Yes (USA) Service Fees & Surcharges – 28% Pay Phone Charge – 88c Validity period – Unlimited Prompt Languages – English(*) Card expires if no refill within 6 monthsPIN Free Access!Register your phone number with the card and it is recognized automatically after dialing the Access Number, and you don’t need to enter a hard-to-remember PIN! Register up to 10 different phone numbers to one account. Use “My Account” – “My Permanent PINs” to register additional phone numbers. Refill the card at any time (add more funds). Use “My Account” – “My Permanent PINs” to see the Balance and other Reports. Please read the disclaimer about additional provisions. Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes on the card.CheapStreet Access Numbers USA Continental: 1-866-999-1492US Local Access Numbers CheapStreet Dialing Instructions 1. Dial Local or Toll Free Access Number and wait for the prompt.2. Enter your PIN number and wait for the prompt.3. Dial your destination number.– For International Calls: 011 + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number — For calls to/within the US and Canada: 1 + Area Code + Phone Number� If no connection is established in 20 seconds, please hang up and try again.For questions regarding sales or services please contact us.This Card can be used from:USA – Continental, USA – Continental Rates | Best CheapStreet Destinations | Buy CheapStreet CardPC to Phone CallYou can make international long distance calls using the SIP phone connected to the Internet.
Conference CallAbility to create a virtual meeting over the phone while connecting up to 50 subscribers.
SMS Call BackSend your SMS message to our number. Our system recognizes you and establishes a connection.
WEB CallYou need enter your phone number, your destination number and click Call. Your phone will ring in a few seconds.
PDA CallWith the help of the PDA, you can make calls to different countries without the PIN code.
Cell RechargeRecharge balance of your mobile phone 24 hours a day online.