) Exetel releases commercial NBN prices

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25.07.2011Exetel has followed Internode`s lead, releasing plans for commercial National Broadband Network (NBN) services.
Customers in trial NBN areas in NSW (Armidale and Kiama) and South Australia (Willunga) have been offered free trial services from Exetel until September 2011, according to a post on CEO John Linton`s blog, first seen by Delimiter, allowing those users to have both a fibre and ADSL connection running so that they can be compared. The idea is that the customer then chooses which service they would like to keep after 30 September.
Broadband prices for those wishing to access the NBN speeds via Exetel past that date will face charges the telco has now published on its website.
The pricing (on a 12-month contract) starts at $34.50 a month for 20GB at 12Mbps/1Mbps. For 200GB at that same speed will cost $74.50.
Exetel has provided two sets of 25Mbps download speed plans, one with 5Mbps upload speed and one with 10Mbps.
For 20GB and 200GB, the 5Mbps uplink speed will cost $37.50 and $79.50 respectively, and the 10Mbps uplink speed will cost $39.50 and $84.50 respectively.
20GB at 50Mbops/20Mbps will cost $44.50, with 200GB costing $89.50.
20GB at 100Mbps/40Mbps will cost $49.50 and 200GB will cost $99.50.
(Credit: Exetel)
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