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30.09.2011update Internode has cut the prices and increased the quotas for its National Broadband Network (NBN) plans following changes to NBN Co`s connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) pricing.
Internode came out early with its NBN pricing, while it was still lobbying NBN Co to change the way it charged internet service providers (ISPs) that accessed services on its network.
In August, NBN Co acceded to Internode managing director Simon Hackett`s wishes, providing ISPs with a rebate on the CVC charge if they were providing less than a certain number of services at a certain point of interconnect (where a carrier`s network connects with the NBN).
After this change, iiNet brought out its prices, which undercut Internode`s. Internode said that it was likely to change its prices.
Now the NBN is ready to go commercial, and Internode has cut its prices, boosted quotas and removed the requirement for users to bundle a voice service with its plans. Voice services start now with a $0 rental cost, and are “pay-as-you-go” services. Users who want to make more calls can pay a monthly rental charge, and receive call credit.
A table of Internode`s new plans, which can be ordered now, is below:
(Credit: Internode)
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