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Our additional services Prepaid phone cards are needed for international telephone calls between different countries. The main advantage of calling phone cards is cheapness of time of conversation in comparison with the prices of the international telephone operators and cost of roaming of operators of a mobile communication. Therefore if you go abroad or you need to frequently make calls to friends and relatives living in another country, you should try to communicate by prepaid calling cards. Besides, at relative cheapness of international calls by means of prepaid telephone cards, the communication quality does not decrease. We hope that you enjoy our online store.Best rates from USA – ContinentalUnited Kingdom0.38¢Angola8.08¢Argentina0.88¢Australia0.98¢Austria1.28¢Bahamas8.08¢Bangladesh3.38¢Belgium1.08¢Brazil1.68¢Brunei2.68¢Bulgaria2.78¢Burundi6.90¢Cameroon10.08¢Canada0.48¢Chile1.28¢China1.08¢Colombia2.38¢Costa Rica1.38¢Croatia1.08¢Cuba80.00¢Cyprus1.08¢Denmark0.88¢Egypt8.40¢Finland2.75¢France0.48¢Germany0.78¢Greece1.08¢Guadeloupe1.78¢Haiti18.88¢Honduras9.35¢India1.48¢Iraq6.70¢Iran5.68¢Ireland0.58¢Italy0.88¢Israel0.98¢Jamaica5.48¢Japan1.58¢Korea South1.08¢Kuwait4.50¢Latvia2.08¢Libya17.88¢Malaysia0.68¢Maldives46.08¢Mexico1.88¢Mongolia5.08¢Netherlands1.08¢New Zealand1.38¢Nigeria5.80¢Norway0.98¢Oman10.08¢Pakistan8.08¢Peru1.28¢Philippines8.60¢Poland0.88¢Portugal0.98¢Qatar15.48¢Russia1.78¢Singapore0.98¢Spain0.88¢South Africa2.68¢Sweden0.88¢Taiwan1.08¢Thailand1.08¢Turkey1.88¢UAE13.48¢ Latest Communication News 21.10.2011 / Dense planners should think outside the box18.10.2011 / Shareholders onside, NBN`s final battle looms13.10.2011 / NBN battery backup may be opt-out04.10.2011 / Misleading wireless stats harm NBN debate30.09.2011 / Internode reduces NBN plan pricing27.09.2011 / Telcos dare Telstra to axe NBN deal20.09.2011 / Wilkie backs phone tower reform26.08.2011 / Net for rich men better than pork barrelling24.08.2011 / Chorus kick starts Kiwi broadband roll-out23.08.2011 / Telecom NZ `no sex` ad lets down NZ11.08.2011 / The Turnbull Broadband Network10.08.2011 / Net too expensive for seniors: study03.08.2011 / Net beats real estate in economy stakes01.08.2011 / Telcos stop worrying, learn to love NBN26.07.2011 / Telecom NZ details structural separation25.07.2011 / Exetel releases commercial NBN pricesPC to Phone CallYou can make international long distance calls using the SIP phone connected to the Internet.
Conference CallAbility to create a virtual meeting over the phone while connecting up to 50 subscribers.
SMS Call BackSend your SMS message to our number. Our system recognizes you and establishes a connection.
WEB CallYou need enter your phone number, your destination number and click Call. Your phone will ring in a few seconds.
PDA CallWith the help of the PDA, you can make calls to different countries without the PIN code.
Cell RechargeRecharge balance of your mobile phone 24 hours a day online.