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Our additional servicesorder by Title ↓Date ↓21.10.2011Dense planners should think outside the boxThe powers that be seem hell bent on getting us all to live in the city in little terraces or apartments.But, thanks to the benefits of Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB), it does not have to be that way.The…18.10.2011Shareholders onside, NBN`s final battle loomsAnd so it came to pass that after years of open hostility and plodding negotiation, the last seal was breached, and Telstra came face to face with its nemesis at last. Yet, while a boss fight between…13.10.2011NBN battery backup may be opt-outAfter resoundingly negative feedback, the government may consider letting National Broadband Network (NBN) customers opt-out of the mandatory battery backup for the network termination unit (NTU), a…04.10.2011Misleading wireless stats harm NBN debateIt was too juicy a morsel for those arguing against the National Broadband Network (NBN) to ignore last week: the latest ABS stats appear to show that wireless is outstripping demand for fixed…30.09.2011Internode reduces NBN plan pricingupdate Internode has cut the prices and increased the quotas for its National Broadband Network (NBN) plans following changes to NBN Co`s connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) pricing.Internode came out…27.09.2011Telcos dare Telstra to axe NBN dealHaving Telstra walk away from the National Broadband Network (NBN) would be preferable to the government giving its approval to a deficient structural separation undertaking from the telco, according…20.09.2011Wilkie backs phone tower reformIndependent MP Andrew Wilkie has thrown his support behind tougher restrictions for the construction of new mobile phone towers, following the introduction of similar legislation by Greens` leader…26.08.2011Net for rich men better than pork barrellingThere`s been a bit of a row about the posher parts of Auckland getting ultra-fast broadband (UFB) before the poorer ones.As Chorus announced its nationwide roll-out, the New Zealand Herald noticed…24.08.2011Chorus kick starts Kiwi broadband roll-outChorus, the Telecom New Zealand-owned entity, which won 70 per cent of the country`s $1.5 billion ultra-fast broadband (UFB) initiative, today announced details of its roll-out.The company, which is…23.08.2011Telecom NZ `no sex` ad lets down NZNo doubt you will have heard how Telecom New Zealand made itself and the country a global laughing stock with its “no sex” campaign for the Rugby World Cup.Fortunately, after the uproar, the company… pages:← previous | next →123456789….last →PC to Phone CallYou can make international long distance calls using the SIP phone connected to the Internet.
Conference CallAbility to create a virtual meeting over the phone while connecting up to 50 subscribers.
SMS Call BackSend your SMS message to our number. Our system recognizes you and establishes a connection.
WEB CallYou need enter your phone number, your destination number and click Call. Your phone will ring in a few seconds.
PDA CallWith the help of the PDA, you can make calls to different countries without the PIN code.
Cell RechargeRecharge balance of your mobile phone 24 hours a day online.