Process, Operating Margins and Watergile – And More! The Digital Project Manager

Sally Shaughnessy, Aten Design Group, was asked by members to answer questions about process optimizations, budget overruns, hybrid PM roles, watergile, and other topics.

Points of Interest

6:28 – Introducing Sally
9:32 – Managing budget overruns and writedowns with workflow management
10:10 – Sally’s take about watergile
16:51 – Hybrid role: For or against? How does it work at Aten
22:00 – Continuous Learning for PMs who want to improve their soft skills
23:34 – Monthly Releases vs. “Agile Law”.
26:42 – How can you gauge the client’s preference in project management style? Hybrid vs. dogmatic agile methodologies
30:38 – Isn’t watergile just a waterfall?
33:44 – Could you tell us a bit about your resourcing allocation?
43:32 – Agency culture non-agencies: What can in-house teams learn from agency culture (and how can they avoid it like the plague!) )?
48:00 – One Team One Dream
50:37 – Employee engagement: What does it look like for your staff? How can you create a healthy, safe work environment?