SETA and NHSoCal: Experience the Difference

New Horizons of Southern California (SETA International) have formed a new partnership to help you grow your business. The network is made up of select companies that SETA has been working with on an ongoing basis. They also meet strict criteria. “SETA International has been a trusted technology partner. Our international team of experts are committed to enhancing a company’s success long after the scope of work is completed. We know that our work ends when our client’s work starts. It is often the post-project support that makes sure future success. SETA International’s Thu Truong, VP Operations, says that companies can join the SETA Partnership Network to gain new business relationships and create business opportunities. SETA Business Partner Network members are experts in email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PSP, IT Training, and other areas. SETA is currently accepting new members throughout the entire year. Here’s a quick overview of some of the new members: * Gold Lasso makes marketing automation and email marketing cost-effective and simple by providing an all inclusive feature set that clients can use to grow their marketing without having to pay for expensive upgrades or extra costs. We place service first and provide each client with a dedicated account representative who will provide strategic guidance and help ensure the success of your program. Align Commerce is a next-generation Payment Service Provider (PSP), for global commerce. The company offers secure payments at a low cost to businesses, which allows them to reduce credit card fees and chargebacks. Align Commerce offers solutions in eCommerce, Invoicing and collecting, sending, and tracking payments. * New Horizons Southern California offers IT training using a blended learning approach that can help employees excel. Students have unprecedented flexibility because they can choose when, where, and how to learn. New Horizons has provided training to employees at over half of the Global 100 and 100 of America’s 100 largest companies. * NetElixir provides a range of technical services, exceptional 24/7 service, and proven performance working alongside top companies such as Oneida and Lenovo to solve search marketing problems. Our team is made up of passionate, data-driven search marketing engineers, technologists, global managers, and others who are always working towards one goal: results. We empower businesses through knowledge-packed webinars, seminars, and we share the expertise and knowledge you need to maximize digital marketing prowess.
Excerpt from Kevin Landy, CEO and Owner of SETA International.
“We believe in embracing technological advancement and finding new ways to grow in an ever-changing economy. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California are thrilled to partner with SETA International. We recognize the importance of e-commerce, customer support, and business efficiency. This partnership is the first step towards building an ecosystem of success.” -Kevin Landry (Owner and CEO).
My professional career has been characterized by a strong desire to be at the forefront of technology. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers appealed because I could help others learn new technology, which is something that I am passionate about. New Horizons is a great business model that allows me to focus on specific areas and see the rewarding results in my students. This business was a way for me to help others succeed. Thankfully, it is booming! It’s a great feeling knowing that my efforts help others in their personal and professional lives. I also love seeing the happiness in our clients. The success of multiple locations was a result a few strategic business decisions and trusting that people want to succeed through ongoing education.
NHSoCal is passionate about helping students succeed. To help our employees and their families succeed, we offer training at no cost. My employees have the opportunity to receive new education and training that helps them become better professionals as well as better understand their clients. A strong company culture is essential for happiness at work. To help grow our culture, we offer new incentives and programs to our employees. These added benefits help us keep our employees happy and encourage them to strive for greatness. Employees who are nominated by peers receive cash bonuses and monthly awards. Employees can nominate others to show appreciation in the areas of gratitude, respect, accountability, simplicity, and people first, which are all internal values.
Growth Our revenue has grown steadily year after year for a few reasons. We partnered with other New Horizons franchises in the United States to create the largest, live-instructor-led training schedule of any training company on West Coast. Our students can learn what they want, when and how they want. My belief is that our growth is directly linked to the people in our organization. Because we continue to develop o