The basics of an AWS Professional Certification Program

Amazon Web Services (or AWS) is a secure Cloud computing platform. It provides computing power, as well as database, networking and content storage. The platform offers technical services on-demand and operates under a ‘Pay As You Go’ pricing model. This means that you only pay for what you use from AWS.

Why AWS? Not only do large corporations have web portals, but many small, independent businesses also have them. It is important to take immediate action to improve website performance, traffic management, and other issues when a sudden increase in visitors to a website occurs.
A server crash could be caused by excessive user traffic if it is not handled properly. We need to be able to scale up or decrease the website’s capacity depending on how many people are visiting it at any given time. This is possible without spending a lot on expensive resources. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader of cloud computing, offers a broad and widely used Cloud Platform.
A large number of clients use AWS to manage their applications and foundations. AWS offers innovative administrations through its Amazon Web Services platform (AWS).
AWS Certifications
As AWS expands its market, so does the demand for professionals who can deal with various aspects of AWS. AWS professionals are in constant demand by organizations that use the cloud or move their infrastructure to the cloud. They are given high profile jobs and receive handsome compensation.
AWS is the dominant Cloud Service Provider in the market and has held a significant share of the market compared to its competitors. AWS Certified cloud experts will always be ahead of their competition.
AWS Professional Certifications
AWS’s professional category is the third-level category for certifications. This certification is higher-level and opens up many career options. AWS offers two certifications in this area:
1. Solution Architect Professional: This certification allows you to expand your technical knowledge and practical skills, allowing for a better understanding of AWS. This certification certifies professional expertise in the following areas:
AWS allows you to create and deploy dynamically scaleable processes
Select the appropriate AWS service to create and launch your application
Learn how to migrate multi-tier complex applications on AWS
AWS allows you to create and deploy enterprise-wide operations
Reduce costs by implementing cost-cutting measures
This professional certification is higher-level and requires prior knowledge.
AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certificate (or equivalent knowledge)
At least two years of experience developing and delivering cloud architectures on AWS
Familiarity in AWS CLI and AWS APIs, AWS CloudFormation templates and the AWS Billing console.
Describe and apply the five pillars in the AWS Well-Architected Framework
You can create a hybrid architecture with key AWS technologies (e.g. VPN, AWS Direct Connect).
Ability to provide best-practice guidance on architectural design across multiple applications or projects within the enterprise
Familiarity and proficiency with a scripting language
Familiarity and familiarity with Linux and Windows environments
Map business objectives to application/architecture requirements
Architect is a continuous integration and delivery process
Exam Details
Exam PatternMultiple Choice Questions, Multiple AnswerNumber of Questions75Exam Time180 minutesLanguageEnglish, Japanese, Korean and Simplified Chinese
2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineering: The AWS Certified D