Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist

Oracle today offers a beta certification exam for IT professionals called Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service 2017 certified implementation specialist. This certification is for skilled individuals with a solid foundation and experience in implementing Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service solutions. Do you want to pass the exam You should be able to describe the Responsys Data Model, create and manage Contact Lists, Supplemental Tables and Profile Extension Tables, Filters and Segment Groups, as well as demonstrate your competence in managing Seed Groups. You should be highly promising dealing with Responsys Data Model Initial Configuration/Deliverability, and be brilliant at describing the Data Gateway Setup process, configuring Connect jobs to import data, Contact Event Data (CED) exports.
This beta exam requires that you have a keen eye for detail when creating and managing documents, reading, writing, editing HTML code for emails, and applying responsive design techniques to emails.
You should have evidence that you are familiarized with the topics listed below before you sign up for the exam.
Integration with Interact Connect
Content Creation and Management
Manage, create, and test your campaigns
Configure campaign settings using the Campaign Dashboard
Manage Campaign Categories, Links Categories, and Link Tables
You can personalize your response language or built-in functions with the Responsys Personalization Language
Configure dynamic content modules
Manage and create forms
Programs can be designed, managed, and published
Analyze and test the programs
Interpret standard reports and dashboards
Make custom reports with measurements and dimensions
Multi-Channel Campaigns
Implement Rapid Retargeter display campaigns
Create SMS (Short Message Service) campaigns
Partner Integrations
Describe Responsys’ integration with technology partners
The Oracle beta exam takes 2.5 hours to complete, and sometimes can take up to 3 hours. It consists of 120-150 multiple choice questions. This exam is also associated with the Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service 2017 Certified Implementation specialist certification.
You should also note that CertView will make available your beta exam score reports approximately 11 weeks after the end of the Beta Exam. An email will be sent to you with instructions on how you can access your beta exam scores.
This certification is open to all candidates but is intended for members of the Oracle PartnerNetwork. OPN members who earn this certification will be recognized by OPN Certified Specialists. This certification is a competency requirement for the Oracle Responsys Cloud Service Specialization.
This certification distinguishes candidates in the market by giving them a competitive edge through their proven expertise. It is recommended to have current training and field experience.