What are the Top Three Online Illustrator Programs?

Many new fields in education and practice have emerged over the past few decades due to the incredible advancements made by technology. Globalization is a result of this remarkable growth in all aspects of life. It demonstrates the smooth flow and convergence of trends around the globe. Many degrees and certifications are available to help people pursue their dreams. Illustration is a recent trend that is being followed by creative people. It is the phenomenon or concept of describing text through pictures. Illustrator is the person who is able to demonstrate the knowledge in written documents or texts in comprehensible images that can be understood by the reader. Illustrations are used to explain concepts in a document more easily and more comfortably to the reader, much like illustrations in children’s books. There are many illustrator courses available to those who want to make a career in this field. Three of these are listed below:
1. Lynda.com Illustrator Course
This online course teaches you how to draw and illustrate. It starts with basic knowledge, then moves on to creating complex shapes according the text.
2. Illustrator course by tuts+ Premium:
This online course has a duration of 30 days. It is easily accessible on the internet. The Illustrator course is designed to teach the theory of illustration to learners. It is responsible for providing comprehensive knowledge about the creation of images according to the concepts written.
3. Train Simple offers a Illustrator Course
This course is for those who wish to learn the basics and art of graphic design. After this course, you can go on to more advanced courses in illustration.