What books should I read to obtain PMP certification?

The PMP certification is for those who want to become project managers. PMP certification is the most important project management certification. It provides information on local and national project management sectors as well as knowledge about international project management standards. While not all candidates are eligible to apply for this course there are some requirements that every PMP certification candidate must meet. The Continuations Certification requirements program allows candidates to renew and maintain their PMP certification after a certain time. The certification level determines the salary of project managers in IT and other technology fields. Because PMP certification is a highly valued certification, it is a major reason why PMP certification is becoming more popular.
Many books used to study for PMP certification have been updated over time with new strategies and methods. Every new edition contains more information and many updated strategies than the previous. The 2013 edition of PM Body of Knowledge Guide has 33% more information than the previous edition and is of better quality. The new edition includes better theories about project stockholder management, as well as topics related to cost, scope, stockholder, and time. This example shows that it is important to upgrade the content and books used for PMP certification preparation. A candidate can earn the PMP certification easier by using better quality books.
Five Essential Books to Read for PMP Certification
Skills off, Simplilearn and other providers offer preparation courses to help individuals obtain certifications. The problem is with those who self-study. Candidates who choose to study on their own can find many affordable books. These five books are highly recommended and affordable for preparation of the PMP exam. These books were chosen after reviewing the information and knowledge about structure, customer, and the topics that cover most of PMBOK. These books are also chosen because they have higher ratings, recommendations, and the information is more accurate.
1.5th Edition of Achieved PMP Examination Success
This book can also be used as a guide to managers who are busy managing projects. Janice Preston and Diane Altwies are the authors of this book. Both of them contributed equally to this book. Based on their experiences in project management over a period of 25-35 years, this book was written. His experience as a project manager in the insurance, financial services and healthcare industries has given Diane Altwies a wealth of knowledge. Janice Preston has a wealth of knowledge that he has gained through managing different projects and developing project management courses in different institutions. The book costs 56.95$. It has 488 pages and was published in 2013. These books allow abdicates to access the website, where they can download flashcard study aids. This book covers all aspects of PM. This book also contains sample questions that candidates can use to practice for the exam.
2. Fourth Edition of PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide
Joseph Phillips wrote this book. Joseph Phillips has extensive experience in project management through his many roles as a PM consultant, educator and CompTIA trainer. He is also well-known for creating many high quality courses to train trainers in many of the world’s leading organizations. This book was published in 2013. It is priced at around 38$ and contains 696 pages. This book covers the fundamental concepts of project management, which are also covered in PMPBOK. It also contains detailed theories and discussions on the various concepts, processes and methodologies used in PM. For further practice, it also includes a sample exam for PMP and CAPM.
3. PMP Project Management Professional Exam
Henrique Moura wrote this book and McGraw-Hill published it. This book is a great resource for self-study. This book was written by Henrique Moura based on his experiences as an XPM consultant and PMP certified. He was also a management trainee, and offered many PM courses. He was the one who helped to develop a new edition PMBOK. The book is mo