Information Security Manager: The Details You Want To Know

Who is Information Security Manager and What are the Roles/ Responsibilities of this Job Profile?
Information security managers are professionals who are responsible for protecting the organization’s networks, data, and IoT devices from viruses, security breaches by malicious hackers, and other vulnerabilities. He is the brain of the IT and information security departments and manages their overall operations and direction.
Information security managers play a key role in avoiding disasters by identifying areas where information systems might be at risk. This job is more managerial than technical. Other responsibilities and roles include:
Employees should be trained about security risks and how to use strong passwords to protect data when using mobile devices.
Assisting the IT and Information Security department’s staff and personnel with exceptional managerial skills.
Communicate effectively so that others understand the information security policies of the organization.
Evaluation of security measures in an organization such as anti-virus software and passwords.
Analyzing the monitoring system’s reports to detect any future risks
Backup and security systems management
In the event of an attack, ensuring data recovery
Overseeing security violations investigations
The Information Security Manager is a vital role in every organization because of their pivotal role in the IT and information security department.

Accreditation and academic degrees that will help you become an information security manager
Experience and academic degree are essential for a managerial position in Information security management
A bachelor’s degree is required in computer science, programming, or another related field.
Organizations prefer higher qualifications such as master’s degrees in business administration or information systems.
It is advantageous to have more than five years experience in information security, computer science or information science.
The professional in CyberSecurity is a preferred choice for hiring companies because of their certification and the hands-on experience. According to the (ISC)2 Foundation, the shortage of workers has reached 1.5 million by 2020. This certification will not only fill the skill gap, but also give you a competitive edge.
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) certifications are two of the most prestigious security certifications in the world. Both CISSP (Certified Information Security Manager) and CISM are both accredited by ANSI under ISO/IEC17024.
ISACA offers CISM certification and focuses on managerial skills. CISM certification is preferred for Information Security manager goals because of:
It teaches international security practices and managerial skills.
It validates your management, designing, and overseeing skills.
Minimum 5 years experience in information security work within the last 10 years before certification, and 3 years must have been spent in management.
The CISSP certification can help you start a remarkable career in information security. It is a popular choice for professionals who want to be Information Security managers.
This certification is offered through (ISC2) and is a type of technical certification.
It demonstrates the aspirant’s ability to design, engineer, and implement skills, along with the expertise required to manage an information security program.
5 years experience as a security professional in one of the 8 domains covered in the certification course.
Both CISM and CISSP certifications can be very valuable.